BUCKSS digital loan process is simple and offers Florida Residents a low cost and convenient way to get funds fast. We use the world’s most sophisticated Fintech technology, bringing Installment Loans to borrowers in a matter of minutes.


BUCKSS is the number one Florida lending institution for governmental, corporate and healthcare workers. We understand the needs of governmental and healthcare workers and their work environment.

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Corporate Employees
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Healthcare Workers
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Hospitality Workers


Vet Bills
Medical Bills
Car Repair
Vacation Bills
Moving Costs
Dental Expenses
Home Improvement
Home Appliance
Furniture Costs

Social Responsibility

At BUCKSS, we believe that together we can make a difference. That is why BUCKSS helps our community by supporting local charities and businesses contributing to the wellbeing of the place we call home. Financial services are available for small and medium sized businesses to help them grow. We give 5% back to Florida based non-profits.

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Our operating software is hosted in one of the most secure environments in the world, and protected by advanced cyber security to keep your data, business and customers safe.

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