If you have questions on securing a $1,000 loan from the convenience of your home, we have answers! Read below to see some of our frequently asked questions.

What is an Installment Loan?

An Installment Loan provides you with the money you need today, and the ability to repay the loan over time in smaller fixed payments, unlike a typical Pay Day loan.

What will I need to apply for an Installment Loan?

You will need: a government issued photo ID, proof of income, and a checking account.

How much money can I get?

Installment Loans vary by state. In Florida, you can receive between $100 – $1,000. We use your personal information to determine a loan amount that works for you.

What is the difference between Installment Loans and Payday Loans?

Both loans offer quick financial assistance. The difference is the repayment terms of the loan. An Installment Loan is a fixed amount paid overtime, and a Payday Loan is paid back in a lump sum plus fees.

What can an Installment Loan cover?

If you need money quickly to cover an unexpected expense, BUCKSS offers you a low cost and convenient way to receive money. Installment Loans are great for debt consolidation, medical bills or home repairs.

What are the Installment Loan terms?

Installment Loans have a fixed interest rate and maturity date. Terms vary from one customer to another based on each person’s application, credit history and assessment of what is affordable. Buckss offers fast and easy loans only available in the State of Florida.

Our Installment Loans accept challenged credit and have no add on fees.

Florida Installment Loans

**The above is an example of a typical $1,000 loan. The number of payments and the per diem of interest may vary. Please refer to your loan agreement.

Do you check my credit when applying for an Installment Loan?

Yes, we review third-party data sources to verify credit and identity for Florida Installment Loans.

How will an Installment Loan help me?

An Installment Loan directly deposits money into your bank account on the same day and gives you flexibility when paying the loan back.

Where will the cash from my Installment Loan be deposited?

Your Installment Loan will be directly deposited in the bank account you provided to us in the application process as soon as the same day.

Do I need good credit?

BUCKSS welcomes all customers and uses third-party data sources to verify credit.

How long before I repay my Installment Loan?

Installment Loans are typically paid back in multiple payments that range ninety days. The fixed repayment plan is determined in the application process.

How do I pay back my Installment Loan?

Repayment will take place on each installment due date, typically following your pay dates. Payment will automatically be made by the bank account you provided and/or out of an Allotment or direct deposit from your paycheck.

Is there a penalty for paying off my Installment Loan early?

There are no penalties for paying off your loan early and we do not have any hidden fees.

How can I contact Customer Service?

You can contact the BUCKSS team at 1-833-4-BUCKSS or by emailing support@BUCKSS.com.